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Who is Thistle Products

Based in south west Scotland, Thistle is Scottish led and Scottish owned. For more than 30 years we’ve designed and launched some of Scotland’s most iconic souvenir products, from the Wild Hairy Haggis to the See You Jimmy Hat to the unique Instakilt.

The success of these products, and many, many more, is rooted in our understanding of Scottish people and of Scottish visitors, the two main audiences for our ranges.

Company Values

Our focus is always customer satisfaction. 

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service.  We understand the importance of a friendly voice at the end of the phone which you can rely on to deliver the products or services you require without delay.      

We understand that retail is a challenging industry.  We know how to support and encourage sales through point of sale and merchandising and we’re always here with help or advice just get in touch.

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